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NeuraLabel 300X ST

The 300x ST system provides superior print quality combined with the convenience of a roll system.

NeuraLabel 300x

Simple, Yet versatile

The NeuraLabel 300x ST (Straight Through) is an easy-to-use roll system that features a straight-through printing path, which makes this system ideal for short print runs, yet capable of large production runs as well.

Its strength is in its versatility. It can produce superior quality labels on many types and sizes of die-cut media. From papers to synthetics, a wide range of media is available from the industry’s leading manufacturers to print the perfect labels for your products

Engineered Quality and Performance

Continuous or roll-to-roll labeling solution including label media and software expertise and support.
Print full color GHS compliant labels on blank label stock, eliminating the need for pre-printed labels.
Water-resistant pigment inks ensure that your labels will meet BS5609 standards for resistance to abrasion, saltwater immersion, and UV exposure.
  1. The NeuraLabel 300X – ST is able to print at speeds up to 30 meter per minute utilizing the most advanced page-wide print head technology, similar to the technology found in high-end digital press operations.
  2. Variable width media handling makes the NeuraLabel 300x - ST ideal for labeling everything from pails to intermediate bulk containers.
  3. High yield cartridges combined with the additional tray decreases operational downtime and increases production turnaround.
  4. Incorporates 20 years of engineering expertise in scanning and printing continuous documents.
  5. Low printing cost combined with high speed makes it the perfect printer for GHS-industry.
NeuraLabel ST
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